Frequent questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how you can enroll, the necessary papers, the way of conducting the theoretical courses and a lesson practice.

For category B, the minimum duration of the schooling is 5 weeks from the first driving session.

For category C, the minimum duration is 8 weeks after the first driving session.

For the E category, the minimum schooling duration is 2 weeks.

When signing up, a bulletin is required, and in the first week you need medical advice, psychological notice, and criminal record.

The program of the trainers – practical course – is flexible, depending on the pupils’ schedule.

Payment can be made in full or up to 3 installments, the last installment being payable upon the release of the file.

Additional sessions may be held if the student wishes, for a fee of 70 RON / meeting for category B, 100 RON / meeting for category C, 120 RON / meeting for the E category.

The tariff includes driving hours, practical driving hours, fuel, dossier preparation and first practical examination.

Additional costs are as follows – medical analysis – 110 RON, psychological exam – 40 RON, fee – 68 RON

For the first practical examination, the car is free of charge, and the second exam will pay a fee of 50 RON. In addition to this fee, you will be charged 3 additional mandatory driving sessions – according to the legislation – in the amount of 210 RON.


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